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County Executive Leopold Restructures Mail Routes to Save More than $20,000 Annually

Changes result in one less vehicle and less redundancy

Annapolis (November 5, 2009) - County Executive John R. Leopold today announced that a restructuring of the County’s mail room routes will result in significant savings on manpower and vehicle costs.

"This Administration is constantly seeking new ways to cut costs," County Executive Leopold said. "Through the use of technology we can streamline our mail operation, saving hours of work each day and resulting in the need for one less vehicle. It is this commitment to efficiency that has enabled us to continue to provide services in this difficult economy without raising taxes on property or income."

The Office of Central Services coordinated with the Office of Information Technology to review mail routes used by the County. Using the Geographic Information System, staff was able to identify redundancies and unutilized routes. Eliminating a route and instituting a better tracking system will save about $20,000 annually.

"This change reduces daily mail routes from 456 total miles per day to 221 miles per day. It eliminates over 57,000 miles traveled each year, and makes staff available for other assignments," County Executive Leopold said. "We are virtually eliminating the need for overtime."


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