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County Executive Leopold Joins Agreement to Provide Utility Assistance in Emergencies

MDWARN also includes Howard, Harford and Baltimore counties

Annapolis (December 8, 2009) - County Executive John R. Leopold today joined several area jurisdictions in forming a rapid-response network aimed at providing mutual assistance during emergencies.

"Cooperation is the key to a successful response in an emergency situation," County Executive Leopold said. "People talk about regionalism, but this agreement adds real teeth to the concept. We must be certain that in the event of a massive storm or a water main break, resources can be mobilized quickly and effectively."

The purpose of MDWARN is to provide a signed document that allows participating water/wastewater utilities that have sustained or anticipate damages from natural or human-caused incidents to provide and receive emergency aid and assistance in the form of equipment, materials, and other associated services as necessary from other water/wastewater utilities. MDWARN’s objective is to provide rapid, short term deployment of emergency services to restore the critical operations of the affected water/wastewater utility.

Other jurisdictions in the network include Baltimore County, Howard County, Harford County, Havre de Grace, Luke and Millington.

The MDWARN program provides its member utilities with:

• A standard mutual assistance agreement for sharing emergency resources among members statewide

• The resources to respond and recover more quickly from a disaster

• A mutual assistance program consistent with other statewide mutual aid programs

• A forum for developing and maintaining emergency contacts and relationships

• New ideas form lessons learned in disasters

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