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County Executive Leopold Announces Search for Executive Director of Board for Children and Families

Harris accepts position with State Department of Education

Annapolis (January 2, 2009) - County Executive John R. Leopold announced today that a search has begun for an Executive Director of the Anne Arundel Partnership for Children, Youth and Families, following the resignation of Alice Harris.

Harris has accepted a position as a Branch Chief for the Maryland State Department of Education responsible for Inter-Agency Services, Family Support and Non-Public Divisions, beginning January 8.

"Alice Harris brought years of service to the community to this position, and I wish her well in her new position," County Executive Leopold said. "The Administration will be sure to find a replacement with comparable experience."

Talie Fretz is serving as Interim Executive Director. The position has been advertised on the County’s Website

Formerly known as the Local Management Board for Children, Youth and Families, the Partnership promotes collaboration among agencies that serve children and families. It seeks to emphasize child-centered, family-driven solutions to problems, raise awareness and advocate for children and families, and evaluate the effectiveness of programs.


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