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County Executive Leopold Encourages Jobless to Seek Help Through Workforce Development Corp.

Quasi-public agency offers counseling, training and access

Annapolis (February 9, 2009) - County Executive John R. Leopold today advised residents who are unemployed to make use of the Anne Arundel Workforce Development Corporation (AAWDC), which provides career counseling, job search assistance and training.

AAWDC has six One-Stop Centers around the County to assist those looking for work, in Annapolis, Hanover, Glen Burnie, Fort Meade, BWI Airport and Pasadena. There, job seekers can attend orientation sessions that educate them about resources available to them, access databases with government and private sector job openings, attend seminars on resume writing and interviewing and much more.

"This service is a lifeline for people who suddenly find themselves out of work in a difficult economy," County Executive Leopold said. "Especially when jobs are scarce, skills taught at One-Stop Centers can make the difference. The staff at AAWDC will do everything they can to ensure our citizens in need find quality employment."

More information can be found at There are also special programs aimed at laid-off workers who are supporting a family. Counselors can help with funding for additional training.

AAWDC has access to job postings at the local, state and national level through the Maryland Workforce Exchange. For more information, call 410-987-3890.


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