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County Executive Leopold Applauds Success of Inmate Work Programs

Nearly 100,000 hours worked in Fiscal 2009

Annapolis (August 25, 2009) - County Executive John R. Leopold today announced that inmates logged 96,953 hours last Fiscal Year cleaning up litter on roadways, unloading trucks for the Food Bank and performing services at the Animal Shelter, the Fire Training Academy and parks.

"This Administration has expanded inmate work programs because they offer low-cost workers and a chance for rehabilitation through community service," County Executive Leopold said. "These inmates are serving their sentences and also decreasing the bottom line for taxpayers."

In addition to the funding County Executive Leopold has provided to the Food Bank through the Community Grants Program, inmates provided 16,485 hours of work in FY09 to unload and load trucks as well as fill orders for the various recipients. The workload for inmates has doubled in the last two years.

County Executive Leopold also expanded the litter pickup program to include weekends. The inmates worked 5,835 hours with the Department of Public Works to remove more than 14,000 illegal signs and 11,496 bags of trash in FY09 on weekends alone. Using inmate labor instead of County employees saved $80,172.


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