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County Executive Leopold Notes Reductions in Workplace Injuries and Vehicle Accidents

Prevention has been a major emphasis

Annapolis (February 25, 2009) - County Executive John R. Leopold is praising all departments for successful efforts to significantly reduce workplace injuries and vehicle claims, thus saving taxpayer money.

The number of days of work missed due to vehicle collisions decreased by 74 percent, from 1,488 to 377, when comparing calendar years 2008 and 2007, while "at fault" vehicle accidents dropped 21 percent, from 228 to 181, over the same period. The number of employees injured as a result of vehicle accidents fell 55 percent, from 107 to 48.

"Instituting better training, outreach and procedures leads to a safer workplace," County Executive Leopold said. "It also means that taxpayers are paying less to resolve these claims and are seeing fewer collisions on the roads involving County vehicles."

The average direct cost to the County for an employee injury is $8,000, with the department incurring an indirect cost of about $32,000. The resulting savings of $42,000 when an injury is prevented is a benefit to both the County and the taxpayer.

Safety training and outreach continues at all levels of the organization. With the efforts of the Central Services Risk Management Division, departmental training efforts and supervisors holding "tailgate" training, employee safety will continue to improve resulting in future savings.


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