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County Executive John R. Leopold Participates In Homeport Farm Park Reforestation Project

October 15, 2009 (Annapolis, MD) - County Executive John R. Leopold invites citizen volunteers to join him on Saturday, October 17th, at 10 a.m. at Homeport Farm Park in Edgewater to dig in and help plant 300 trees and shrubs as part of an extensive reforestation plan for the Park.

The plants for the days activities are provided through the Countys Forestry Program, the Anne Arundel Sierra Club and the South River Federation will provide additional financial and volunteer assistance.

"Expanding the forests in Homeport Farm Park along Church Creek helps protect the South River," County Executive John R. Leopold said. "The Countys partnership with the community and environmental organizations is a win-win endeavor toward improving the health of the Chesapeake Bay and promoting responsible use along our waterways."

In 2008, members were appointed to the Homeport Farm Park Advisory Committee for the purpose of creating a Conceptual Plan for the Park. Members included local residents and representatives from the Sierra Club, South River Federation, Chesapeake Paddlers and the Annapolis Rowing Club. The Committee envisioned a park to include habitat restoration, community gardens and cartop boat launch area. Such activities serve as ecological models and demonstrate low-impact development, innovative storm-water management techniques, native plantings and reforestation. The Conceptual Plan was approved by the Committee in April 2009.

To volunteer to dig in at Homeport Farm Park, please contact Karyn Molines, Supervisor of Cultural Resources for the Department of Recreation and Parks, at 410-222-7313. Bring a shovel, gloves, water bottle. Be prepared to hug a tree.

The Park is located on Homeport Drive north of Edgewater, Maryland. For detailed directions and additional information, visit the Homeport Farm Park web site:


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