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County Executive Leopold Announces Superintendent Harting’s Departure to the Private Sector

Detention veteran will assist auditors in reviewing institutions

Annapolis (May 18, 2009) - County Executive John R. Leopold today announced that Department of Detention Facilities Superintendent Robin Harting is leaving County government to assess facilities nationwide in the private sector.

"Robin Harting is a consummate professional who played a vital role in the modernization and expansion of our facilities," County Executive Leopold said. "She upheld the highest standards in public safety at a time when the County’s resources have been strained by a troubled economy."

Harting is a 28-year veteran who rose through the ranks to become director in 2006. She was first hired under a grant during the Reagan Administration to assist the Criminal Justice Coordinator, and went on to help start the first pre-trial release program that has become a fixture in detention institutions. In her new position, she will join Texas-based MGT of America, Inc., on a contract to audit the handling of immigration and customs inmates.

Terry Kokolis, Administrator of the Jennifer Road Detention Center, will become the new Director on June 1.

"I could not pass up this exciting opportunity to put my knowledge and skills to use in helping to ensure that facilities that hold undocumented aliens are constitutional," Harting said. "Illegal immigration is one of the biggest challenges facing law enforcement today, and it's important that detention facilities comply with federal standards."

Kokolis is a 35-year public safety veteran who came to Anne Arundel County from Montgomery County in 1994. He was instrumental in the design and planning of the Ordnance Road Correctional Center, built in 1998, and oversaw the renovation of the Jennifer Road Detention Center.


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