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County Executive Leopold Urges Residents to Use Multiple Sources for H1N1 Information

Twitter, television and homepages all have up-to-the-minute updates

Annapolis (October 22, 2009) - County Executive John R. Leopold today urged residents looking for information about H1N1 vaccinations in the County to take advantage of multiple resources, including Cable Channel 98, Twitter and other Web sites.

"There has been such a demand for quick information that I have directed our staff to provide updated information through multiple platforms," County Executive Leopold said. "The County receives vaccine on very short notice, and appointments fill up quickly. Tomorrow we will begin a real-time ‘crawl’ on the cable channel that lets residents know when appointments are available and when they are closed. We will also air an interview that answers some common questions about vaccine regularly."

Updates will also be posted on, and broadcast via Twitter at The Department has more than 500 followers on Twitter who receive instant information about the availability of flu clinics.

County Executive Leopold has also added operators to field calls to the Flu Information Line, at (410) 222-4896.


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