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County Executive Leopold Thanks Citizens for Their Work on the General Development Plan

SAC helped shape what will be considered by the County Council

Annapolis (June 8, 2009) - County Executive John R. Leopold today thanked the members of the Special Advisory Committee for their dedication to ensuring public participation during the drafting process for the General Development Plan (GDP).

"I commend the members of the Special Advisory Board for their steadfastness in molding this important revision to the blueprint that will guide planning and zoning decisions for the next decade," County Executive Leopold said. "Their input has assisted us in successfully incorporating the views of residents in the process."

The Special Advisory Committee was formed in response to the Planning Advisory Board’s recommendation for a more interactive public involvement in the process. Nineteen County residents were appointed in cooperation with the County Executive’s Office, the County Council, the Planning Advisory Board and County personnel.

Legislation to approve the General Development Plan will be introduced and public hearings held before the County Council in the coming weeks. Citizens may read the final draft of the General Development Plan and stay informed of important dates on the GDP Homepage.


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