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County Executive Leopold Applauds Approval of FY10 Budget with No Tax Increases

County Council approves unanimously

Annapolis (May 28, 2009) - County Executive John R. Leopold today applauded the County Council for unanimously approving the $2.4 billion FY2010 Operating and Capital Budget consistent with the Administration’s recommendations for no tax increases.

"This was a somber budget season where the struggling economy made us focus on core services," County Executive Leopold said. "This is not the time to increase the tax burden on our citizens because they will lead us into recovery by spending their money in the ways they see fit. County government has responded by reducing its spending and increasing efficiency. I am pleased that the Council funded 99 percent of the budget I submitted."

The budget approved by the Council retains funding for construction of the Lighthouse Shelter in Annapolis, as well as operating money for the Gems and Jewels program, the STEM program and the Middle School Parenting and Gerontology programs at Anne Arundel Community College. The County Executive’s initiatives for charter school funding to improve Chesapeake Science Point and public safety funding of the streetlight program were also retained.

The Council added funding for a feasibility study to address the needs of Severna Park High School and operation of a new arts magnet program at Bates Middle School. About $16 million was cut from the Capital Budget as additional reserves for next year.

"Everyone made difficult decisions in this austere climate, from the Department Heads to individual Councilmen," County Executive Leopold said. "Next year promises to be another challenge. The Administration will continue to identify ways to save taxpayer money in anticipation of future budgets."


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