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County Executive Leopold and Superintendent Maxwell Announce Essay Winners

Students address bullying, peer pressure and high school

Annapolis (January 14, 2009) - County Executive John R. Leopold joined Anne Arundel County Public Schools Superintendent Kevin M. Maxwell today in announcing the winners of a joint essay contest identifying problems facing middle school students and possible solutions.

Six essays were selected from more than 100 entries. The winning essays will be posted on the school system’s Web site, and the winners will be interviewed by County Executive Leopold on the cable program "Week in Review."

"We received so many high-quality essays from these youngsters addressing topics from homework workload to bullying and peer pressure," County Executive Leopold said. "The winners were particularly creative in their writing and offered unique stories."

"In these essays we find that students are facing real-world challenges at a young age, and they are able to come up with creative solutions," Dr. Maxwell said. "This contest was a great way to get some interesting suggestions from our students."

The winners are:

  • 6th Grade: Ayanna Randall, Phoenix Annapolis, and Lesante Simmons, J. Albert Adams Academy
  • 7th Grade: Lexy Butler, Phoenix Annapolis, and Shaun Moore, Crofton Middle School
  • 8th Grade: Sara Batchelder, Crofton Middle School, and Jordan Purdham, Crofton Middle School



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