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County Executive Leopold Announces New Traffic and Emissions Control Initiative for Riva Road

Software will help ease traffic around Annapolis Towne Centre

Annapolis (March 5, 2009) - County Executive John R. Leopold announced a new initiative today that is intended to decrease congestion on Riva Road near Annapolis Towne Centre and decrease harmful vehicle emissions.

The County plans to purchase new software that will adjust signal timing continuously throughout the day.

"Technology is a key part of decreasing traffic congestion and air pollution at the same time," County Executive Leopold said. "If this project is successful, we hope to expand it to places such as Forest Drive in Annapolis, West Nursery Road around the airport and College Parkway in Arnold."

The Traffic Engineering Division has begun collecting data to make the system work. The program will be paid for with a $112,960 federal grant administered by the Baltimore Metropolitan Council and $28,240 in County matching funds, for a total of $141,200. Traffic engineers hope to have the program fully operational by next fall.

"Studies show that idling and traffic congestion causes more air pollution than vehicles traveling at higher speeds," County Executive Leopold said. "The goal is to decrease emissions while also adding convenience for traffic on Riva Road from Route 2 to Riva Trace Parkway and connecting side streets."


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