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County Executive Leopold and Community Leaders Sign Lease for Future Crofton Community Center

Land will be leased for $1 annually

Annapolis (August 12, 2009) - County Executive John R. Leopold today signed a lease agreement with the Crofton Regional Community Center Foundation Board of Directors that makes the future center a tenant of Anne Arundel County for $1 per year.

"This is a great partnership between government, the community and the private sector that will bring a much-needed amenity to the Crofton area," County Executive Leopold said. "Our young people need a place where they can gain a sense of ownership in order to make the right choices in life to benefit their neighborhoods. I look forward to seeing this dream become a reality."

The proposed facility, which would also serve as a great location for senior activities and the community at large, would be within walking distance of three elementary schools and Crofton Middle School. The foundation plans to apply for 501(c)3 status within this week, and take other stakeholders on a walk-through of the site in the near future. Although the group has been working for a year on the concept, the tragic death of Christopher Jones helped galvanize the community into action.

"Strict police enforcement is not the only answer to youth violence," County Executive Leopold said. "We also need to provide young adults with a structured environment where they can play and learn without violence."


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