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County Executive Leopold Applauds Sentencing of Pasadena Man in Junk and Debris Case

Court sentences jail time for contempt

Annapolis (March 6, 2009) - County Executive John R. Leopold today applauded the efforts of the Department of Inspections and Permits and the Office of Law in securing jail time for a man cited for numerous code violations involving junk and debris.

Joseph M. Zahl, Jr. of 1815 Cremen Road in Pasadena has been found in contempt of court and sentenced to 89 days in jail. Zahl has been the subject of an on-going and contested code enforcement violation for having unregistered vehicles and junk and debris on his property.

"This property is a terrible blight on the community that has been the subject of numerous complaints from residents who care about the safety and appearance of their neighborhood," County Executive Leopold said. "These cases are very difficult to prosecute, but we remain steadfast in getting this property cleaned up."

Zahl’s contempt charge and subsequent incarceration is a result of his failure to clean up his property after signing a consent judgment in April 2007. The judgment stipulated that the property be cleared of all porta-potties, chemical toilets, old scrap, dismantled, inoperable or dilapidated motor vehicles, machinery, household furniture and appliances, tanks and drums, tires, glass and any other kind of salvage or waste material.

Zahl failed to comply with the order and bring the property into compliance with zoning codes. He has been sentenced to 89 days in jail. He can purge the charge by complying with the consent judgment.

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