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County Executive Leopold Invites Residents to Attend Community Connections Day

2nd annual event brings County departments to you

Annapolis (April 15, 2009) - County Executive John R. Leopold is inviting all residents and community associations to attend the 2nd Annual Community Connections Day event on Saturday, April 25.

The event features informational booths set up by every agency of Anne Arundel County Government staffed with experts on everything from submitting grading permits to increasing their recycling rate for curbside collections.

"This incredibly successful event gives the community a chance to meet face to face with the people they would contact to obtain services, and builds a familiarity with the process as well as the people," County Executive Leopold said. "I encourage all of our community associations and residents to take advantage of the opportunity."

The event will be held at the Village at Waugh Chapel Community Room, located at Route 3 south of Waugh Chapel Road in Gambrills. It will be held between 1 p.m. and 4 p.m. For more information, contact the Office of Constituent and Community Services at (410) 222-2222 or On-line Pre-registration is available.


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