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County Executive Leopold Releases FY2010 Balanced Budget with No Increase in Property or Income Taxes

Budget contains no layoffs or furloughs for County employees

Annapolis (May 1, 2009) - County Executive John R. Leopold today released his proposed Fiscal Year 2010 budget to the County Council that contains a slight decrease in the property tax rate and no increase in the income tax.

"This budget reflects three years of cost-cutting and some difficult choices, but it makes critical investments in our infrastructure and does not include any layoffs or furloughs for our County employees who serve our citizens," County Executive Leopold said. "This Administration has honored its commitment to keep taxes in Anne Arundel County among the lowest in the state."

The $1.2 billion Operating Budget and $1.2 billion Capital Budget and Program closes an estimated $127.9 budget gap attributed to declining tax revenues. County Executive Leopold worked to continue investments in public education and school construction while maintaining essential services in a difficult economy.

"I will return the $5,000 salary increase allocated in the budget for the County Executive," County Executive Leopold said. "I believe in leadership by example. My cabinet also will receive no salary increases this year."

The full budget is posted on the website. The budget must be finalized by the end of the Fiscal Year, which is June 30.


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