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County Executive Leopold and Councilman Jones Announce New Police Facility at Arundel Mills

Will house Community Relations Division

Annapolis (April 15, 2009) - County Executive John R. Leopold and County Councilman Daryl Jones announced today that the Anne Arundel County Police Department is creating a Community Relations Division that will be headquartered at Arundel Mills.

"Arundel Mills and Anne Arundel County have established a longstanding working relationship to create one of the premier tourist attractions in the region," County Executive Leopold said. "With support from the Simon Property Group, we will be creating a nimble, accessible and visible site that will make interaction between the Police Department and the community flow seamlessly."

The new facility will be constructed and staffed using existing Police Department and Arundel Mills resources.

"The best police force is one that has a visible presence in the community and regularly interacts with citizens," Councilman Jones said. "I’m pleased that this initiative is moving forward."


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