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County Executive Leopold Announces New Senior Transit Touch Screen Initiative

Equipment improves efficiency to save taxpayer dollars

Annapolis (March 16, 2009) - County Executive John R. Leopold today announced a new initiative to use GPS Touch Screens and computer software for Department of Aging and Disabilities vans in order to operate routes more efficiently.

"Our goal is to provide safe, prompt, efficient service for our senior citizens," County Executive Leopold said. "This technology will help our residents who depend on the service, but also save money on wasted trips and personnel costs. Improved scheduling increases the ridership capacity, allows for quick response to a vehicle with mechanical problems and also improves timekeeping for drivers."

The new technology will be installed in five "pilot" vehicles for testing this week and the rest of the fleet over the course of this month. It allows real time tracking of buses and automated manifests for drivers, as well as faster pickups by locating the closest van through GPS when a client’s doctor appointment has ended.

The equipment is paid for by a $252,000 federal grant through the Maryland Transit Administration with a County match of $63,000.


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