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County Executive Leopold Hails Big Win for Environment and Land Preservation

Annapolis, MD (February 27, 2008) - Anne Arundel County Executive John R. Leopold hailed the Board of Public Works’ approval of his request to purchase the Wayson’s Corner property through Program Open Space funding.

Last May County Executive Leopold submitted a supplemental budget to the County Council requesting $5.75 million to purchase the proposed Target shopping center property at Wayson’s Corner.

"Even though this property is zoned commercial, I heard the clear message from the citizens of South County that they want this land to remain undeveloped," said County Executive Leopold. "As I stated in my 2007 budget address, ‘Keeping South County rural is a policy, not just a slogan’."

The County Executive’s action will now prevent development on the approximately 30-acre tract and avoid an adverse impact on nearby Galloway Creek, which runs through the Nature Preserve at Jug Bay. The property is located at the intersection of Southern Maryland Boulevard (Route 4) and Sands Road.

"This property is a linchpin between the Glendening Nature Preserve at Jug Bay and the Jug Bay Wetland Sanctuary, and I am pleased that the Board of Public Works took this significant action this morning to preserve this land," said County Executive Leopold. "This is a big win for the environment and land preservation for future generations."


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