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New Safety Turf Field Opens

Annapolis (August 11, 2008) - County Executive John R. Leopold, Councilman Daryl D. Jones, Board of Education Vice President Ned Carey, Superintendent of Schools Dr. Kevin M. Maxwell, and Maryland House Speaker Michael Busch will officially open the new safety turf field at North County High School on Tuesday, August 12, 2008, at 5:30 p.m. The new turf field is the second artificial turf field to be installed at an Anne Arundel County public high school.

"The installation of these safety turf fields increases the community’s access to recreational facilities and further extends our partnership with the County public schools to serve all residents," said County Executive John R. Leopold. "Not only do safety turf fields significantly reduce maintenance costs, but they provide a year-round all-weather, unlimited, and uniform playing surface that all members of the community can enjoy."

In 2005, through a partnership between the Broadneck Boosters and the County, artificial safety turf was installed on the Broadneck High School stadium field. Recognizing the benefits of this superior playing surface, County Executive Leopold initiated a capital project in 2007 to design and install artificial safety turf on the remaining eleven public high school stadium fields.

Funding assistance for this $10.7 million, four-year project is being provided through Program Open Space, a State program dedicated to the acquisition of open space and development of public recreation. County Executive Leopold previously praised the Maryland Board of Public Works’ approval of Program Open Space funds for this project.

Construction began at Annapolis, Arundel, and North County High Schools in the spring of 2008. North County High School’s stadium field is being readied for completion and a ribbon cutting ceremony planned to commemorate its grand opening. The event will take place at North County High School on Tuesday, August 12th, at 5:30 p.m. The event is open to the public and will be attended by high school athletic directors and fall coaches as well as members of the Andover Apaches Recreation Organization and their families.

"This is a very exciting time for athletes in Anne Arundel County," Dr. Maxwell said. "These turf fields will enhance athletic opportunities not only for our high school athletes, but for thousands of youth league players around the County. We look forward to continuing to partner with the County to bring this type of athletic experience to all of our high school stadium fields."

A joint use agreement executed between the County’s Department of Recreation and Parks and the Board of Education assures extensive use of the fields by local community organizations. "These fields could have the greatest impact on recreation programs of anything the County has ever done," emphasized Frank Marzucco, Director of the County Department of Recreation and Parks.

Immediately following the ceremony, the Andover Apaches youth football program will hold its practice, thus becoming the first athletes to "take the field."


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