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County Executive Leopold Warns Citizens about False Gas Surcharges from Taxicabs

Any new charges must be approved by County Council

Annapolis (September 2, 2008) - County Executive John R. Leopold today advised taxicab customers to notify the Department of Inspections and Permits if they are asked to pay a gas surcharge when utilizing services in the County.

"The County has not approved any new fees with regard to gasoline," County Executive Leopold said. "If a cab driver tells you there is a gas surcharge, he is trying to deceive a citizen at a time when everyone is struggling with high gas prices."

Surcharges must be authorized by ordinance of the County Council. Anne Arundel County cabs must run the meter and charge that reading plus any lawful extras. These include tolls and extra luggage or oversized belongings. A rate card is posted in each County cab for the passenger’s information.

Please notify the Department’s Licensing Division to report taxicab companies who may be in violation of this regulation at (410) 222-7788.


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