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County Executive Leopold Congratulates Fire Chief Stokes on National Leadership Award


John Buckman Award Given by International Assoc. Fire Chiefs

Annapolis (September 29, 2008)-County Executive John R. Leopold announced today that Anne Arundel County Fire Chief David L. Stokes has been awarded the John M. Buckman III Leadership award for outstanding performance as the Chief of a Combination Career/Volunteer Fire Department.

The award is given annually by the International Association of Fire Chiefs to one individual displaying the qualities of a true professional who has demonstrated leadership, integrity and outstanding moral values within the fire service. The award is co-sponsored by Provident Insurance, a major supporter of America’s first responders.

"This is a fitting crescendo to Chief Stokes’ tenure as Chief," County Executive Leopold said. "I could not be happier about his achievement and the manner in which he has brought our department to the forefront of the national spotlight as an example for others to follow. I congratulate him on this most appropriate recognition."

John M. Buckman III is a former President of the International Association of Fire Chiefs and has been an active member of the Association for more than 30 years. His dedication to the American Fire Service is legendary.

Chief Stokes said he was "stunned" to receive the award. "I am humbled to be receiving this award and honestly cannot accept it as an individual," Chief Stokes said. "My success is the product of surrounding myself with genuinely talented people and giving them the latitude to move the organization forward."

Chief Stokes will receive the award at the annual VCOS Symposium in the Sun Conference to be held in Clearwater Beach, Florida from October 30 to November 2, 2008.


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