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"Finding Recyclables in Your Home" Debuts

DPW TV takes the 50/50 challenge

Annapolis, MD (June 11, 2008) - A new video featuring helpful recycling tips is now available on DPW TV.

"Most Anne Arundel County residents recycle, but some do not know the entire list of items that can be recycled instead of being thrown in the trash," County Executive Leopold said. "This video is part of our ‘Recycle. More. Often.’ campaign to explain that cardboard tubes and plastic containers can go in the bin along with newspapers and cans. While most people already know to recycle newspapers and aluminum cans, some do not know that empty toilet paper and paper towel rolls can be recycled. Some think that plastic bottles and containers need to be cleaned for recycling, but they do not."

The video, which originally aired on WMAR-TV Channel 2, is available at You can also watch it on YouTube at and submit comments. It features an Anne Arundel County resident going through her home looking for additional items that can be recycled.

Anne Arundel was the first county to offer the convenience of placing all recyclables in one container-the large yellow bins that are featured in our commercials. Cans, bottles and jars can all be placed in the same receptacle. The more residents recycle, the less space is used in our landfill.

Keep watching DPW TV for new videos about the Department of Public Works and County programs that preserve and protect the environment.


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