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County Executive Leopold Thanks REACH Program Volunteers

Names August 2008 "REACH Provider Appreciation Month" in County

Annapolis (August 1, 2008) - Anne Arundel County Executive John R. Leopold today issued a proclamation honoring the nearly 400 doctors and health care providers who have donated services to uninsured members of the REACH program. The REACH Program, or REsidents Access to a Coalition of Health, was created by the Anne Arundel Department of Health, in partnership with the Anne Arundel County Medical Society, in response to the growing number of uninsured adults in the county. Partnered with community doctors and other health care providers, the REACH program offers and provides low-cost health care services like doctors visits, check-ups, prescription medicines, lab work, radiology services, and dental services to insured citizens.

"These doctors and health care facilities have stepped up time and again to help some of the most vulnerable Anne Arundel County citizens," County Executive Leopold said. "I am proud to honor their work and the services they provide throughout the County and will continue to support the outreach by the Department of Health that seeks to obtain proper medical care for Anne Arundel County citizens."

Through the hard work of these health care providers, the REACH program has accomplished their goals and has been successful in providing health care to more than 6,500 citizens around the County since 1999. This care represents over $15 million in donated services. County Executive Leopold thanked the medical professionals and providers for their volunteer work and commitment to helping others by naming August 2008 "Reach Provider Appreciation Month" in Anne Arundel County.

For more information on the Department of Health and their REACH program, please visit the Health Department Website or call (410) 222-4531.


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