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County Executive John R. Leopold Praises State Board of Public Works’ Approval of Funding for Three County Projects

Annapolis (June 25, 2008) - County Executive John R. Leopold praised the Maryland Board of Public Works’ approval today of $2,350,000 of Program Open Space funding for three County park development projects.

County Executive John R. Leopold emphasized the importance of these projects by stating, "Our County parks system is one of our most valued amenities and is important in defining the quality of life for our residents. The allocation of Program Open Space funds for these park projects presents a wonderful opportunity to geographically enrich recreational opportunities throughout the County."

The approved projects are:

Kinder Farm Park - $1,100,000 for the design and construction of a 5,600 square foot visitor’s center at the 288-acre regional park. The center will orient visitors to the many opportunities within the park and provide interpretive and educational instruction.

Crownsville Area Park - $650,000 to develop a new community park to address the need for additional athletic facilities to accommodate local youth and adult athletic groups. The conceptual plan calls for three multi-purpose fields, support structures, connection to the South Shore Trail, and a playground.

Lake Shore Athletic Complex - $600,000 to construct additional recreation facilities at the 127-acre park to include three baseball fields, two softball fields, a multipurpose field, and a dog park.


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