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County Executive Leopold Announces "Plant Operator of the Year" Goes to Gorrick

30-year County Veteran Does More with Less

Annapolis (August 14, 2008) Steven Gorrick, Sr. has been named Plant Operator of the Year by the American Water Works Association (AWWA) for the Chesapeake region in recognition of his work to boost our water supply and save money.

Mr. Gorrick is lead operator of the Broad Creek II Water Treatment Plant, which supplies treated water to the citizens of central Anne Arundel County. Not only was he able to get the plant to produce 33 percent more water than its design specifications called for, but he was also able to bring an abandoned plant back into service without using outside contractors.

"Providing clean water for our citizens is one of the most important and least visible jobs of the County," said County Executive John R. Leopold. "Thanks to Steve, we have been able to accomplish this goal while also cutting costs."

What makes the feat of producing 33 percent more water at the Broad Creek II plant more incredible was the fact that it was running with only three of its four filters online. Mr. Gorrick also figured out a way to bring the Broad Creek I facility back into service in just one week, instead of the conventional wisdom that it would take at least three months and require hiring outside contractors.

"Steve single handedly prevented water restrictions in the Annapolis area last summer," said Department of Public Works Director Ronald C. Bowen. "His changes also prevented a service loss after a water main break and made it possible for our infrastructure to keep up with growing demand in the service area without a facility upgrade. Congratulations on a job well done!"

The last time an Anne Arundel County operator was recognized by the AWWA was in 1971. Operator of the Year is awarded annually by region. The Chesapeake Region includes Maryland, Delaware and the District of Columbia.


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