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County Executive Leopold Announce New Tool on County Website for "Lost Pets"

Annapolis (August 6, 2008) - County Executive John R. Leopold announced today that a new tool on the Anne Arundel County website will allow owners to add a notice to the public about their lost or missing pet. The new feature will provide owners who have lost their pets a central location to post descriptions, pictures, and the last location the pet was seen and provide contact information for anyone who may locate their animal. The link to the "Lost Pets" tool will be located on the homepage of the County website, under the News Flash section. Also citizens can access the form from the Animal Control page under the Quick Links section.

"For many of us, our pets are full-fledged members of our families. This is certainly true for my black lab, Dora, and my cat, Francois Rabelais," County Executive Leopold said. "The panic and fear of losing a pet is a lot to bear. I hope that we can help pet owners locate their lost loved ones while creating a central location for anyone in the County who has found a missing animal to identify its owners. Hopefully, the owners of a lost or missing pet will not have to endlessly canvass neighborhoods and post fliers until their arms are sore anymore. Now they can just visit, click on the ‘Lost Pets’ link, and find their pet there. If we can reunite just one family with their lost or missing pet, the site will be considered a tremendous success."

Owners who have a lost or missing pet can access the webpage and fill out the form with information and any pictures that would assist in locating the pet. This public service is meant to cut down on the time that it takes to get the word out on a missing pet and speed up the time that the pet can be reunited with its family. The pets will be featured for seven days. If the pet is not found in seven days, owners can resubmit the pet’s information.


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