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County Executive Leopold Praises Success of Online Lost Pets Page


Annapolis (September 12, 2008) - County Executive John R. Leopold announced today that the "Lost Pets" page on the County Web site has been a big success.

Since August 1, 112 people have posted information on the page and almost 400 have viewed lost or found pets. The Office of Constituent Services has received positive reviews from viewers of the site.

"This has been a true success to our fellow citizens who love their pets," County Executive Leopold said. "Our pets are a true part of our family, and citizens seem to appreciate being able to quickly post information on the County Web site."

Mr. Leopold encouraged all citizens to continue to spread the word about this resource to help reunite owners with their pets.

Several lost dogs and cats are listed right now, including Baby the Beagle from Sharonville and Callie the Calico Cat from Pasadena. Please help reunite these pets with their owners.

>> View Lost Pets
>> View Found Pets


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