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County Executive John R. Leopold Seeks Feedback From County Permit Applicants

Annapolis (April 14, 2008) - County Executive John R. Leopold announces today a new procedure to measure the permit application process by asking for feedback from County residents. The Department of Inspections and Permits will issue a questionnaire to all applicants, to be completed manually or online, designed to gather feedback on their individual experiences from application to issuance of permits in Anne Arundel County. The new process comes in the wake of County Executive John R. Leopold’s Executive Order 27, which created a Task Force for the Study of Erroneous Permit Approvals earlier this month.

"Direct input from County residents is invaluable," said County Executive John R. Leopold. "By properly utilizing this questionnaire, we can identify opportunities for improving the process and potentially reducing erroneous actions that result in inconveniences to applicants." County Executive Leopold added, "While the department’s current error rate is less than a tenth of one percent, our goal is to eliminate any additional expenses incurred by residents."

Each person who applies for a permit in Anne Arundel County will be given the attached questionnaire, which is divided into three parts: permit application, permit issuance, and overall customer satisfaction. The survey will also be available online at the Inspections and Permits web site. Online surveys will be emailed to a central email address at Inspections and Permits, while paper responses will be collected at the Riva Road and Glen Burnie offices. Designated staff members will review the survey responses and create a database of the information, which will then be provided to the Permit Task Force to recommend and implement improvements.

For additional information, please contact Tracie Reynolds at (410) 222-7502.


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