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County Executive Leopold Congratulates Parenting Center on Winning Two National Awards

"Parenting the middle school child" recognized

ANNAPOLIS (December 3, 2008) - County Executive John R. Leopold today praised Anne Arundel Community College and the outreach program, "Parenting the Middle School Child," for receiving two national honors.

Recently the program was given Exemplary Program Award from the National Council for Continuing Education and Training (NCCET) and the 2008 Innovation of the Year Award from the international League for Innovation in the Community College. After receiving funding from the County Executive, the Community College worked with Anne Arundel County Public Schools to offer the 10-hour free course to middle school parents.

"This is a vital program that I made a priority when I submitted my budget to the County Council," County Executive Leopold said. "Middle school students are at critical ages in life development. Fostering parental involvement can only enhance the educational experience of our young people."

"Parenting the Middle School Child" empowers parents with information about adolescent development, teen substance abuse, sexuality, popular teen culture and strategies for successful parent-child communication. The curriculum was developed by Margaret Pevec, a parenting and family life expert, under direction of Louis L. Aymard, Ph.D., professor of psychology and founding director of the Parenting Center at AACC; Colleen K. Eisenbeiser, director of the AACC Teacher Education and Child Care Institute, and Cari A. Endicott, assistant director of the TEACH Institute and the Parenting Center.


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