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County Executive Leopold Thanks Board of Public Works for Approving 96 Acres of Open Space

Properties include historic Hot Sox field

Annapolis (October 15, 2008)-County Executive John R. Leopold today applauded the State Board of Public Works for its approval of $5.8 million to acquire 96 acres of land for recreation and natural resource protection within the County.

The four land purchases include 1.) 30 acres along Bacon Ridge Branch, a tributary of the South River, 2.) a 7-acre addition to the Jug Bay Wetlands Sanctuary along Galloway Creek, 3.) a 26-acre parcel on Tenthouse Creek in Galesville which contains the historic 1926 baseball field of the Hot Sox Negro League baseball team, and 4.) a 33-acre site on Millersville Road to provide athletic fields for the West County area, which is experiencing significant growth related to the Base Realignment and Closure Act.

"These four projects exemplify the importance of the County’s partnership with the State of Maryland’s Program Open Space," said County Executive Leopold. "I’m very excited about the addition of these new fields and rural spaces, which will enhance recreational opportunities and add to our protected lands."

In addition to the future recreational use of the Galesville and Millersville parcels, the Jug Bay and Bacon Ridge Branch properties offer permanent protection to sensitive forested areas within the Patuxent and South River watersheds.

Program Open Space, which is funded through the transfer tax on real estate, was established in 1969 to preserve land for recreation and natural resource protection throughout the State of Maryland.


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