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Anne Arundel County and Fort George G. Meade Make Methane Gas Sale Agreement

Annapolis, MD ( January 17, 2008) Anne Arundel County and Fort George G. Meade has agreed upon the terms of an agreement for the sale of methane gas generated by the decomposition of waste at the Millersville Landfill to Fort George G. Meade.

"This agreement is advantageous for both sides because its revenues will result from the sale of the methane gas which is now merely burned off at the landfill," said County Executive Leopold. "This agreement underscores the importance of identifying alternative energy sources and is the latest example of the close cooperation that characterizes relations between the County and Fort George G. Meade."

"The Ft. Meade Methane Landfill Gas to Energy Project is an environmentally friendly way for us (Fort Meade) to meet the energy needs associated with anticipated growth while providing a way to support Federal renewable energy goals," said Fort George G Meade Commander Col. Kenneth O McCreedy. "This agreement addresses environmental concerns through a federal, state and county partnership. It turns a waste product into a viable fuel source."

"This is a win-win partnership for all the parties concerned. It provides a revenue stream for Anne Arundel County; it reduces our (Fort Meade) energy costs; and, it makes good environmental sense," McCreedy added.

Under the agreement, Fort Meade will purchase the methane gas from the county and use it to generate electricity that will be supplied to important new facilities to be located on the fort. All expenses related to design and construction of gas lines and other necessary infrastructure for the collection and use of the methane gas will be borne by the fort and its contractors.


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