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County Executive John R. Leopold Announces Two Additional Appointment to Maritime Industry Advisory Board

Annapolis (January 29, 2008) - County Executive John R. Leopold is pleased to announce the appointment of two new members of the Maritime Industry Advisory Board - Vincent O. Leggett and Thomas C. Price.

Mr. Leggett, who will serve as an ex- officio member of the Board, is the founder of the Blacks of the Chesapeake Foundation, Inc, an organization dedicated to preserving the legacy of African American watermen in the Chesapeake Bay. 

Mr. Leggett’s serves on the boards of historical, cultural, and environmental education organizations throughout the Mid-Atlantic region and is employed as Special Projects Coordinator in the Chesapeake Bay and Coastal Bays Division at the Maryland Department of Natural Resources.

Thomas C. Price, the appointee representing District 3, is the Model Shop Supervisor at the US Naval Academy’s Technical Support Department.  An avid yacht racing enthusiast, Mr. Price currently serves as Rear Commodore of the Potapskut Sailing Association and is a former Rear Commodore of the Gibson Island Yacht Squadron. He has also served on the Maryland Historical Society maritime committee and the Chesapeake Bay Yacht Racing Association Board.

“These new appointments bring a broadened perspective to the Maritime Advisory Board,” said County Executive John R. Leopold.  He added, “I believe that they will heighten the Board’s effectiveness at mirroring the maritime community in Anne Arundel County.”


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