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County Executive Leopold Announces Lincoln’s Birthday Bicentennial Celebration

Winners of essay contest will be announced at Maryland Hall event

Annapolis (December 11, 2008 )- County Executive John R. Leopold announced today that he is holding an essay contest and will host two special events to commemorate President Abraham Lincoln on the bicentennial of the great American hero’s birth.

The first event will be on Thursday, Feb. 12, 2009, Lincoln’s Birthday, at Maryland Hall. It will feature a dramatic reading by the County Executive, as well as performances by the Annapolis High School Gospel Choir and a historical narrative about Annapolis during the time of Lincoln. Winners will be announced at the event of an essay contest that asks students to write about how Lincoln’s message resonates today.

"Abraham Lincoln taught us so many lessons about leadership and citizenship that are just as valuable today as they were during the Civil War era," said County Executive Leopold, who addressed the Maryland General Assembly as his favorite historical figure three times in 1987, 1995 and 2006. "I look forward to reading what our students have to say about Lincoln and also providing an educational program on his birthday."

Another event will be held on Sunday, Feb. 15, 2009 at the Benson Hammond House in Linthicum sponsored by the Anne Arundel Historical Society. It will feature tours of the house and a birthday cake for Honest Abe.

All middle school students are invited to participate in the essay contest. Entries should be no more than 500 words and explain how Lincoln’s philosophy applies to the nation today. To enter, e-mail submissions to, along with your name, grade, gender and school name. Winners will be selected from each grade and receive great prizes. The deadline is January 15, 2009 to enter.

Entries can be mailed t Lincoln Essay Contest, Arundel Center, 4th floor, 44 Calvert Street, Annapolis, MD 21401.

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