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County Executive John R. Leopold Releases Fiscal Review Task Force Report Compiled to Address Long-Tern Fiscal Health of Anne Arundel County

Annapolis (June 27, 2008) - County Executive John R. Leopold today released the report by the Fiscal Review Task Force that examined Anne Arundel County’s fiscal health and offered options available to the County to meet its financial obligations while operating efficiently and effectively for County residents. The Task Force was empaneled by County Executive Leopold to offer both short-term and long-term recommendations for improving the operations of County government while retaining the County’s high quality of services. The Task Force’s report was released following the adoption of the Fiscal Year 2009 budget by the County Council earlier this month.

"I appreciate the hard work of the Task Force in examining the County’s fiscal situation and identifying areas where we can streamline County operations to the benefit of Anne Arundel taxpayers," said County Executive John R. Leopold. "The report is a working document with several recommendations already implemented by County government at my direction. We will continue to look for ways to improve services while cutting costs. This report will not sit on a shelf, but will be referenced often and continue to assist us as we seek ways to run an efficient, smart County government."

The Task Force recommended several actions that have since been implemented by the County, including: exploration of new non-traditional revenue sources such as the ambulance fee recently adopted by the County Council, implementation of a hiring freeze which the County announced in January, 2008, reduction of take home vehicles which has saved more than $600,000 to date, cost saving measures such as the recent legislation proposed by the County Executive to cut down on the false alarms from security systems*, and clear communication of the total Compensation Package for County employees on a bi-monthly basis.

County Executive Leopold continued, "It is important to note that the report states that Anne Arundel County ranks #1 in administrative spending per pupil when compared with the state’s eight largest jurisdictions."

Copies of the Fiscal Review Task Force report are available at the Arundel Center, 44 Calvert Street, Annapolis, MD 20401.

* The Annapolis Capital recently reported that Montgomery County saved about $1.7 million in 2006 by implementing a false alarm reduction policy ("Cry wolf? It might cost you", Erin Cox, Annapolis Capital, June 9, 2008).


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