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County Executive Announces on the Job Safety Training Showed Significant Insurance Savings in 2007

Annapolis (February 22, 2008) - County Executive John R. Leopold is pleased to announce that Anne Arundel County has experienced a significant decrease in the amount of lost days resulting from on-the-job injuries in CY2007.

Compared to 2006, time off by County employees who were injured on the job dropped 17% and the average lost time decreased from 29 to 21 days. The decline in CY2007 continues the County's consistent five-year decrease which now totals 37%. In addition, the cost of these injuries has reduced by over $200,000, about 4% of the total cost of Workers Compensation.

This improvement can be directly contributed to increased awareness of workplace safety, said County Executive John R. Leopold. The department heads and I have worked together to change the way on-the-job safety is viewed.

Managers and supervisors are receiving safety training, reviewing and updating policies, and focusing on safety training at all levels of the organization. As a result, more employees are taking an active role in minimizing the risk of on-the-job injuries. The return on investment in this process has been excellent. Because safety training is an ongoing and steady process that will continue to reduce the number of injuries and lost time, the County will continue to save money and resources.

Once safety becomes a priority, the County becomes a safer and better place to work; and decreasing the cost and the amount of accidents will directly benefit taxpayers of Anne Arundel County, Mr. Leopold added.

The Departments of Public Works, the Fire Department, and the Department of Central Services showed the most significant results of increased safety awareness. Public Works has reduced lost time by 63% this year and by 90% overall, since 2002; the Fire Department reduced lost time by 68% and the number of injuries by 23%; and Central Services reduced lost time by 55% and injuries resulting in lost time by 50%.


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