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County Executive Leopold Applauds Approval of Impact Fee Bill

County Council votes 4-3 to approve legislation

ANNAPOLIS (November 4, 2008) - County Executive John R. Leopold today thanked a bi-partisan majority on the County Council for approving impact fee increases on new development.

After almost a year of debate, the Council passed the bill 4-3, with Republicans Ed Reilly and Chairman Cathleen M. Vitale joining Democrats Daryl Jones and Josh Cohen to approve the legislation. The new fees take effect in January 2011 after a period of lower fees to preserve and create jobs.

"Bringing impact fees up to date was a key platform in my campaign for County Executive, and I am gratified that a majority of the County Council understood the will of the taxpayers to no longer subsidize new development," County Executive Leopold said. "This is a legislative victory of collaboration and perseverance. This legislation will help fund our school construction and road improvement needs to enhance our ability to be competitive in the regional and global economy."

"The County once before was caught short in not planning sufficiently for the out years in our capital budget," Chairman Vitale said. "I felt it was the Council’s responsibility to see that there was proper planning, that we addressed the economic situation and that we provided infrastructure resources for when the economy turns around. I’m confident it will."

The Council also approved $25,000 for the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math program, which provides stipends to teachers who earn national certification. County Executive Leopold has provided $550,000 in the budget to fund the STEM program at Anne Arundel Community College.

"The STEM program is critically important for the entire state," County Executive Leopold said. "With the high-paying jobs coming due to base realignment, we need to create a well-trained workforce and retain teachers who might otherwise be lured away by lucrative job opportunities."

Here are some examples of how the impact fee schedule works:

  • The current impact fee for a single-family detached home is $5,096. Under the revised bill, a new house at 3,000 to 3,499 square feet would cost $2,272 in January 2009. In January 2010, the cost would increase to $4,546. In January 2011, it would increase to $11,363.
  • The current impact fee for retail per 1,000 square feet is $3,140. In January 2009, the cost would decrease to $1,405. In January 2010 it would increase to $2,811, and $7,027 in January 2011.

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