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County Executive John R. Leopold Applauds Trash and Illegal Sign Removal Project Progress

Annapolis, MD (March 17, 2008) - County Executive John R. Leopold announced today that as of March 14th more than 11, 479 bags of trash and nearly 7,000 illegal signs have been removed from Anne Arundel County’s local and state roadways through the Trash and Illegal Sign Removal Project.

"I am pleased that the County Department of Public Works, utilizing supervised inmate labor from the Ordnance Road Correction Center, has made an excellent start on our initiative to remove illegal signs and trash from county roadways," said County Executive Leopold.

Last October, the Department of Public Works was successful in the acquisition of a permit from State Highway Authority District 5 that extends to the county the right and power to remove nuisance signs from state roadways and highways within Anne Arundel County.

In collaboration with the Ordnance Road Correctional Center, the public works department uses supervised inmate labor to remove the signs similar to the administration of the department’s litter pickup program. Over the past 38 weeks, approximately 8,114 hours of inmate labor has been used, free of charge to the county, a savings valued at $111, 080 at a $13.69/hour wage.

The only remaining cost to the County is the $65.00/ton tipping fee at the Millersville landfill currently calculated at $145,712 for the project, an expense that is absorbed by DPW’s annual budget for roadside waste pick-up. In FY06, the County's Waste Management Bureau interoffice billed DPW about $527,590 for roadside waste collection.


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