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County Executive Leopold Announces $1.6 Million Federal Grant for Homeless Services

Annapolis, MD ( January 22, 2008) - Anne Arundel County Executive John R. Leopold announced today news of the County’s receipt of more than $1.6 million in federal grant funds from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to undertake housing and supportive services projects for the homeless.

The award was a result of the combined efforts of Arundel Community Development Services, Inc., the Department of Social Services, and members of the Anne Arundel and Annapolis Community Partnership to End Homelessness.

"This award enables the county to undertake a new program and renew its support for existing housing and supportive services benefiting our residents in greatest need-our families and individuals confronted by economic crisis, or with severe mental illness and other disabilities, which make them unable to cope without public assistance," said County Executive Leopold. "Since these monies are awarded through a national competition, I am a pleased to report that Anne Arundel County has been consistently successful in receiving annual awards of these monies."

The grants, part of HUD’s Continuum of Care program, are provided to help the homeless by supporting emergency shelter operations and transitional housing programs, along with supportive services, as the homeless transition to permanent homes. News of the grants was announced December 21, 2007 by President George W. Bush and HUD Deputy Secretary Roy A. Bernardi, who advised that more than $1.5 billion was being provided in benefits to homeless persons, representing the largest amount of homeless assistance in the nation’s history. The funds will become available in July of 2008.

More than $858,142 was awarded to provide housing vouchers and support services to more than 65 disabled individual and families through programs operated by the Housing Commission of Anne Arundel County, the Anne Arundel County Mental Health Agency, and the Maryland Mental Hygiene Administration.

An additional $542,889 was awarded to continue to provide transitional housing or permanent supportive housing for a year for more than 25 homeless families and 19 homeless men through programs operated by Catholic Charities, Arundel House of Hope, and Annapolis Area Ministries. Funds in the amount of $70,786 were awarded to Community Residences to provide mental health assessments and support at County shelters and transitional housing programs.

Arundel House of Hope was awarded funds in the amount of $111,725 to support two year’s of operation of a new Safe Haven program. This program will provide permanent supportive housing for four homeless individuals with disabling conditions who have either been continuously homeless for more than a year or have had multiple episodes of homelessness.

"We are grateful for the ability to bring much needed assistance to our residents most in need through use of these federal funds," concluded County Executive Leopold. "Our success in this effort is shared with the many County agencies and non-profit organizations who have worked together tirelessly toward achievement of the goal of improved benefits for the County’s homeless."


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