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County Executive Leopold Institutes Third Hiring Freeze


Annapolis (September 24, 2008) - County Executive John R. Leopold announced today that he will implement a third hiring freeze, effective October 1, to prepare for next year’s budget.

County Executive Leopold has already set stricter rules on travel and views furloughs as a last resort. Meanwhile, revenue from transfer and recordation taxes dropped from about $10 million last August to $5 million this August.

"This administration from the beginning has taken proactive steps to decrease spending by reducing the number of take-home vehicles, cutting energy usage and renegotiating employee heath plans," County Executive Leopold said. "The two prior hiring freezes have saved County taxpayers over $5 million."

The hiring freeze does not apply to public safety positions.

"These are austere times and it's going to take some tough medicine to weather a struggling economy and cuts to local government," County Executive Leopold said. "We must take every step available to find savings where we can."

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