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County Executive Leopold Announces Health Care Plans That Save Taxpayers $15 Million


County Government offers first competitive bid in nearly a decade

Annapolis (September 11, 2008)-County Executive John R. Leopold announced today that the County has negotiated new health care plans that provide more coverage to employees while saving taxpayers about $15 million over three years.

The new contracts continue the County’s partnership with Carefirst Blue Cross Blue Shield and add new services through Cigna HealthCare, which previously provided dental and vision plans. The savings was achieved by negotiating a better price and reducing administrative costs.

"In these tough fiscal times I am pleased that we will be able to continue to offer high-quality health coverage for families while also saving $15 million in taxpayer money," County Executive Leopold said. "I am especially pleased that consistent with my policy to detect cancer early, these plans offer enhanced disease management services and preventive health care services."

The changes are effective Jan. 1, 2009 and result from a competitive procurement initiated in the Fall of 2007. The previous contracts were signed in 1999 and 2001.

The County worked with union officials to get the best coverage for the government and its employees.

"I am very pleased with the way the process unfurled," said retired Firefighter’s Union Local 1563 President Bob Stevens. "When we began contract negotiations a couple of years ago we discovered some shortcomings with our healthcare plans. What we wanted to see was a competitive bid process to achieve the best healthcare programs available today. I am so grateful to Personnel Officer Andrea Fulton and County Executive Leopold for working with us to get the best coverage for all County workers."


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