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County Executive Leopold Appoints Three New Members to Glen Burnie Town Center Advisory Committee

Annapolis (January 31, 2008)- Anne Arundel County Executive John R. Leopold is pleased to announce the appointment of three new members of the Glen Burnie Town Center Advisory Committee-Brenda M.McCray, Michael Phennicie, and Rose Brooks.

Each appointee adds a unique perspective to the group. Brenda McCray is a leader in the Cedar/Morris Hill community. Michael Phennicie is a Glen Burnie businessman. Rose Brooks currently serves as legislative liaison for County Councilman Edward Middlebrooks.

The Advisory Committee, which works closely with the county’s Planning and Zoning Department, is tasked with reviewing applications and plans for commercial building permits and zoning certificates of use to assure compliance with the Glen Burnie Renewal Plan.

"I am pleased that these three individuals will join this advisory group and will offer ideas regarding the future of the Glen Burnie Town Center," said County Executive Leopold.


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