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County Executive John R. Leopold Blasts O'Malley Anti-Environment Veto

Annapolis, MD (May 22, 2008) Anne Arundel County Executive John R. Leopold today sharply criticized Governor Martin OMalley's veto of legislation that would have reimbursed Anne Arundel County for monitoring and well testing of fly ash in the Gambrills area of Anne Arundel County. The legislation had the unanimous support of Anne Arundel Countys senators and delegates.

County Executive Leopold said, "The governor's veto is an anti-environmental action that is offensive not only to Anne Arundel County residents but to all local governments that have a right to be equal partners in the vital effort to safeguard the health of local residents.

"The state knew for years that the fly ash that Constellation Energy was dumping in Gambrills was contaminating the water of nearby homeowners, but if it were not for the well testing by the Anne Arundel County Health Department, the fly ash could very well be continuing to be deposited today.

"The governors veto sends a chilling message to local governments that they should not be equal partners in the vital effort to protect peoples health. The veto is an offensive and irresponsible anti-environment action."

In light of this veto decision, County Executive Leopold has instructed the county Office of Law to request payment of $100,000 from Constellation Energy.

Leopold said, "In light of the governor’s veto, it is imperative that the county be made whole and I’ve instructed the county attorney to request payment from Constellation Energy for $100,000 for well testing and monitoring."


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