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County Executive Leopold Asks MDE for Tougher Fly Ash Regulations at Public Hearing in Crofton

Annapolis (February 20, 2008) - After prevailing on Maryland Department of Environment last month to schedule a fly ash waste regulations meeting in Anne Arundel County, County Executive John R. Leopold delivered his own statement at MDE’s public hearing on fly ash in Crofton last night at the Community Room of the Waugh Chapel Village Center.

County Executive Leopold’s remarks commended the state officials for their decision to regulate fly ash, but also encouraged the Department to close loopholes in the proposed regulations to "assure public and environmental protection."

"It is imperative for the Department to commit to assertively monitor and enforce new fly ash regulations as well as other existing regulation pertaining to mining and fly ash generation transport and disposal," said County Executive Leopold in his statement. "Without vigorous oversight, human health and environmental threats will continue regardless of what rules are in place."

Oral testimony by all participants at last night’s public information meeting will be transcribed and considered part of the record as MDE considers proposed regulations for the disposal of the coal by-product.

Fly Ash Statement - 2/19/2008 Icon: PDF


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