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County Executive John R. Leopold Hails Funding for Farmland Preservation from State Board of Public Works

Annapolis (July 3, 2008) - On July 2, 2008, the Board of Public Works approved $2,651,072 for the purchase of an agricultural easement on a 183-acre Anne Arundel County farm through the Maryland Agricultural Land Preservation Program (MALPF). Anne Arundel County’s contribution to this matching funds program is $670,000.

The announcement of the approval of the MALPF funds to purchase this easement adds to the success of the County’s agricultural preservation efforts under County Executive John R. Leopold’s administration.

"I am very pleased with our progress in preserving our County’s valuable farmland," County Executive Leopold said. "Anne Arundel County is proud to be in partnership with the State in preserving, in perpetuity, our precious agricultural land and woodlands."

The County anticipates settlement on the purchase of an agricultural easement on a 107-acre Anne Arundel County farm later in July, bringing the combined total to 592 acres of agricultural land protected since July 2007.

On July 1, 2008, Anne Arundel County accepted MALPF applications from two additional farm owners with a combined total of 306 acres to place their property under agricultural preservation easements.

County Executive Leopold continued, "Our Agricultural Program Administrator, Barbara Polito, deserves much credit for her outreach and follow through in bringing the purchase of these agricultural preservation easements to settlement."


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