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County Executive Leopold Announces Explosives Removal Proceeding in Severna Park

Annapolis (August 5, 2008) - County Executive John R. Leopold announced today that all of the unexploded ordinance found late last month embedded in rock along an Anne Arundel County shoreline has been removed.

"I am pleased this situation has been mitigated. I would like to thank County fire personnel, the State Fire Marshall, the EPA, Coast Guard, and the property owner for working cooperatively to ensure the safety of residents."

County officials were first notified of the possibility that explosives might be present on July 26. Fire department personnel, as well a representatives from the Annapolis Bomb Squad and State Fire Marshal’s Office Bomb Squad worked cooperatively to safeguard the residents living near the shoreline on Luna Lane in the Severna Park section of the County. An isolation zone of 1000 feet was established in all directions while officials coordinated with responsible parties including the property owner and a series of contractors responsible for delivering the rock to the site. Within six hours the entire visible ordinance, approximately 9 pounds of stable emulsion explosive, was removed from the site. A security perimeter was established to prevent curious onlookers from trespassing on private property while a mitigation plan for any remaining potential material was developed.


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