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County Executive Leopold and Superintendent Maxwell Announce Essay Contest


Essay contest invites thoughts on problems and solutions

Annapolis (September 19, 2008) - County Executive John R. Leopold and Schools Superintendent Dr. Kevin Maxwell today announced an essay contest for all sixth, seventh, and eighth graders that explains issues they face and recommends ways to combat or resolve them.

The winners will be interviewed by the County Executive on "Anne Arundel County’s Week in Review."

"Our young people today face many issues," County Executive Leopold said. "This can include peer pressure, feeling like they have too much homework, not enough playtime outdoors, and many other issues that can put pressure on our middle school students. I want to know what the most pressing issues are for them and how they deal with it. This can also help other students that feel the same way but do not know how to cope."

"Our students are clearly our most important priority," Dr. Maxwell said. "I meet with members of a Teen Advisory Group throughout the school year to garner input from students on key issues and that input has a definite impact on decisions we make. This essay contest is another way to get that input, and to provide an opportunity for students to discuss their issues and offer ways to mitigate any problems they face."

There will be six winners in all, with one boy and one girl chosen from the sixth, seventh, and eighth grade submissions. The winners will be chosen by a panel that includes county and school officials. The essays should be 300 to 500 words in length. The winning submissions will be featured on the Anne Arundel County Public Schools Website, and each winner will be interviewed by the County Executive for future "Week in Review" segments.

The deadline for submissions is October 31, 2008. 


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