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County Executive Leopold Continues Strict Enforcement of Disabled Parking Violators


Number of citations on pace for 2,600 over two years

Annapolis (September 18, 2008) - County Executive John R. Leopold announced today that ticketing of people who park illegally in spaces reserved for disabled citizens has increased six-fold under his administration.

In 2006, only 177 tickets were issued by the Police Department. When Mr. Leopold took office in November of that year, he felt that the County should do more to enforce parking restrictions that benefit the safety and wellbeing of disabled residents. In 2007, police issued 1,358 citations, and this year they are on pace for roughly the same number with 967 citations so far this year.

"Unauthorized people who park in disabled parking spaces are showing no respect for others," County Executive Leopold said. "It is my hope that by continuing to strictly enforce this law, people will think twice before putting themselves above a person with a disability."

In June 2007, County Executive Leopold successfully lobbied to increase the fines for parking violators with the help of the County Council. County Executive Leopold later followed up with a letter urging judges to impose the maximum $500 fine when appropriate.

The courts system does not keep aggregate statistics on the outcome of parking tickets.


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