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County Executive John R. Leopold Requests State Follow State and County Law Regarding Crownsville Hospital Center Site

Annapolis (June 27, 2008) – County Executive John R. Leopold today released a letter he sent to Ms. Elizabeth Barnard, Director of the Office of Capital Planning, Budgeting, and Engineering Services regarding the state’s intention to develop the former Crownsville Hospital Center Campus.  

“I am requesting that the State follow applicable State and County laws when deciding the future of the Crownsville Hospital site, including tax law and zoning and permit requirements,” County Executive Leopold said.  “By doing so, any development of the site would be required to comply with County impact fees, property taxes, and other statutes. I am hopeful that we can work together to ensure that these provisions are followed and the state and any private developer recognize the significant impact private development on the land will have at the local level.”

“My Administration wanted the County to control the destiny of this property. The State has decided to move in a different direction. Now that the State will be going forward, I want to make sure that County zoning and land use laws are followed and that the developer pays the same property taxes and impact fees as everybody else. I look forward to working with the State to ensure that this development is consistent with our upcoming General Development Plan, that the surrounding community is part of the State’s process, and that this project complies with our environmental protection laws.”

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